Capturing “The Moment” With Geely’s First CMA-based Coupe SUV

Capturing “The Moment” With Geely’s First CMA-based Coupe SUV Tugella’s inspiration comes from the dynamic moments found throughout life and nature. Fluid in its movements, a shape full of potential, and with extreme care paid to details, this is Geely's most premium Sports Coupe SUV. When you’re in the Tugella, you’re in “The Moment.” Tugella is Geely's first model based on the highly advanced CMA Compact Modular Architecture developed at the China Euro Vehicle Technology Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. CMA is a modular vehicle architecture for compact cars that meets the toughest demands in the global automotive industry.

Dynamic Body

Inspired by the streamlined silhouette of a jungle cat leaping towards its prey, the Tugella takes the imagery of that dynamic moment and makes it a part of its DNA. The fastback style that forms the basis of its coupe shape results in an extremely low .325 wind resistance co-efficient. Intuitively placed body lines and glossy paint give the Tugella its muscular visual shape, like a perfect apex predator in its natural environment.

Smart Vehicle

The latest intelligent vehicle technologies turn Tugella into a smart car providing greater connectivity and convenience. Tugella is a model that knows its user and can assist in driving with a full suite of driver assist features.

Face-ID and the latest GKUI Geely Smart Ecosystem ensures Tugella is configured the way you like it the moment you sit in the driver seat. Driver aids such as ICC Intelligent Cruise Control, ACC Adaptive Cruise Control, LKA Lane Keep Assistant, and APA Automatic Parking Assistant can help reduce the stress of everyday driving.


Outstanding Driver & Passenger Comfort
Tugella boasts an impressive list of driver and passenger comfort features to provide a premium driving experience.


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